Covid 19 lockdown special arrangements.

We have suspended both our mixed company and in – house courses.

As soon as the Government eases “the lockdown” we intend to resume our residential courses, following any social distancing rules imposed. At this time we will contact you, advise details of new seminars arranged and offer staff, who were due to attend postponed courses, priority in booking places on future courses.

Needless to say, we cannot make any concrete plans until the Government announces changes in “the lockdown ” rules.

In the meantime we have developed a “Virtual Pre-Retirement Workshop” using Zoom, to which we would be pleased to invite your staff.

Whilst we would not suggest this one-day workshop will be as enjoyable as our residential courses it is our intention that attendees will be able to benefit to the full, having access to the same information, with the opportunity to question our experts and discuss / share  retirement issues of concern / interest, with other potential retirees from the safety of their home or workplace.

The first Virtual Retirement Preparation Workshop will be presented on Wednesday 20 May 2020 commencing 10.00 am finishing no later than 4.00pm. Subsequent Workshops will be held every Wednesday until further notice.


Virtual Retirement Workshop



Our aim is to assist staff make the transition from full-time work towards retirement recognising that not all leavers necessarily wish to stop working, presenting information and positive ideas to enable them to make choices.  Dealing with individual concerns we aim to provide attendees with every opportunity to have a successful and fulfilling future, all from the comfort and safety of their home or workplace.


An interactive workshop, using Zoom, co-ordinated by our full-time Facilitator, where delegates are given the opportunity to receive information and question experts, discussing their hopes and fears in a relaxed atmosphere. Comfort breaks will be offered throughout the workshop.

Numbers attending:-

A maximum of 6 employees plus their partners is recommended, as our experience shows that when larger numbers attend, delegates have insufficient time/opportunity to have all their questions answered and are often less keen to fully participate

The Programme :-

The content is adjusted according to the needs of the attendees, recognising that whilst money is important, it alone will not secure a happy, purposeful retirement.

Introduction :-

An opportunity to welcome partners and make delegates at ease with course leader and colleagues. Our facilitator will introduce him/herself, explain the format, ensuring all delegates (and partners) are aware of the opportunity and method of asking questions / raising issues and are comfortable with Zoom.

The objectives of the course will be outlined and to encourage early participation attendees will be asked to introduce themselves.

The Challenges and Opportunities ahead :-

An interactive session where the transition curve and changes in relationships (for both married and single people) will be explained, dealing with individual concerns.  Guidance will be given on the tasks necessary to ‘clear the decks’ in preparation for retirement.

The aim is to make delegates aware of the challenges they face, allaying fears whilst presenting them with a positive outlook, whether they are leaving at normal retirement age or taking early retirement.

National Insurance and State Benefits:-

Led by our independent Benefits expert, delegates will learn when and what pension they can expect from the State, how this may be affected by leaving work before State Pension age and what options are available for protection of future entitlement.

With  £ billions unclaimed annually in benefits and pensions, advice on benefits available to delegates and their families, now and in later life will also be given. Questions will be taken during the session.

Occupation  / Personal Pension Schemes :-

Our Pension expert will provide an explanation of the options available. AVCs and how to trace missing pensions.


(The length of the lunch break to be agreed with delegates)

A look at Tax, Savings and Investments :-

Our approach to this subject is to give everyone, irrespective of their financial knowledge, or relative wealth, sufficient information and confidence to use a financial adviser, or take their own action.

Subjects covered will include the individual tax situation, the importance of making a Will and keeping it up to date; tax efficient ways of avoiding Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax; an outline of the various savings products, both for income and capital growth with an explanation of the risk levels.  Advice will also be given on how to choose a financial adviser and what questions to ask when using one.

We are independent of the financial services industry. Our financial specialist is selected for his knowledge and communications skills, no products will be recommended.

Preparation for the Future :-

Having established in the first part of the Workshop the need to manage this session will deal with some of the tools to deal with this. How will a partner deal with the invasion of their space or interruption of their routine?  How might the other partner replace some of the more satisfying work values such as motivation, job satisfaction, power etc? How will single people deal with the loss of a significant slice of their social life?

What replaces the ‘work-rut’ will be different things to different people and alternatives need to be considered whether they be new skills, new interests or recreations.  Our Facilitator will lead this discussion session outlining opportunities and presenting delegates with ideas for the future.


An open forum, providing delegates with a further opportunity to clarify  issues still troubling them.

Written Material:-

Employee delegates are provided with a comprehensive information manual via e mail.


Recognising the need to maintain and improve standards, evaluation is conducted after each seminar.  Delegates are asked to complete evaluation sheets, returning via e mail


Our fee for presenting this virtual programme, would be :-

£225.00 plus VAT per delegate, £125.00 plus VAT partners

To make a booking, or for further information please contact me by phone (01494 433553) of by e mail or click on the link below:

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